Kids aged 8-18 spend 7 hours and 38 minutes per day online

1 in 2 kids encounter cyberbullying

6 million kids in the USA encountered cyber threats

1 in 3 kids encounter cyber threats such as phishing and hacking

For today’s youth, cybersecurity awareness has become more important than ever. We use the internet for daily activities, communicate with our friends and family, and check out what is happening in and out of school.  However, a weak knowledge of cyber safety can lead to serious security threats and result in exploitation of children and teenagers.

Since children are our nation’s future, educating children on cybersecurity must be our nation’s priority. Cybersecurity is a relatively new and growing field of study, so we must spread awareness on this important issue to adults and children alike. However, many adults are not educated on how to be safe online, so how can we then expect children be safe?

This is why we cannot rely on adults to take the charge on cyber safety.  We must empower young people with the knowledge needed to be safe online. 


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Julie Seth

Julie Seth gained interest in cybersecurity when she attended GenCyber summer camps in middle school. Since then, she has grown a passion for cyber security awareness and education. Julie created videos of her sharing the importance of cybersecurity as well as cyber safety tips for the student body at her school. She has created her own cybersecurity pamphlet and was a student editor for the booklet “Outsmart Cyberthreats” that is directed towards middle schoolers across the country. Julie continues to explore the field of cybersecurity and makes content contributions to provide a safer online environment for her peers.


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